The journey began when a mother and son went on a mission to help grieving children. In 2013, Susan Binau's nine-year-old son Andy handed her a stack of papers and said,

"Mom, I wrote a book, will you read it? 


Sadly, Andy had lost a friend to cancer and secretly wrote an uplifting book to comfort his friend's grieving sister. Astonished and proud, Susan helped him turn it into a real book.


Andy's book was published in 2013 with 5000 copies donated to local families, hospitals, and schools.


The response from families, teachers, and healthcare professionals was tremendous. The children related to the main character in the book, Zam, a three-legged super pup whose mission is to empower kids.





Super Dog Zam Grief Series


In 2013 Susan Binau began to write a grief healing series for children using the character "Zam" from Andys book.

The book series where first published in 2015.


The combined story and workbook format was created to offer families a self-help tool that could be used at home to help young hearts and minds through the complicated grieving process. 

    “Sometimes little things can make a big difference, and the books were created to give parents and trusted adults an opportunity to take action and support their grieving children instead of becoming frustrated by the lack of support" 

                                           Susan Binau



Picture: Susan and Andy Binau

Celebration, Florida 2015. 

Kids hugging Zam.jpg



With COVID-19 creating an influx of families in distress, and knowing that there were next to no resources available for grieving children before the pandemic began, Susan felt a calling to react. Though Grief Heroes Foundation the first task was to relaunch the children’s grief book series and translate them into three languages.


in 2020 the grief books were translated into English (Super Dog Zam), Spanish (Zam el súper perro), and Italian (Zam il Super Cane) and tailored to three different age groups: 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12.


The books became an important part of COVID- 19 Grief Relief Program and is available to read or download for free on

Andy Binau With Grief Heroes Donations.j




Andy Binau spearheaded the first donation project to Oklahoma City in 2020.


"I reached out to the communities I'm involved in to share our mission and see how we could help. Teenagers, teachers, and school counselors started to respond. Now we are excited to see the first project unfold in Oklahoma City"