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Carrie Shak



Carrie has helped to get Grief Heroes Foundation established.

From operational leadership to editing grief books, to co-hosting fundraisers, her input has helped put our grief tools into action. 


“Mental health awareness and support in the school system is close to my heart. There was not much focus on emotional intelligence in school when I was a child. Grief and loss were taboo subjects, leaving children feeling isolated and alone. I am proud to say that today our foundation is already making an unprecedented impact on children’s lives nationally, and as we grow so will our reach to more children and families globally.”


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Susan Binau

Secretary, President, Director


Susan Binau is the founder of Grief Heroes Foundation. She is a global philanthropist, social entrepreneur, published author, motivational speaker, businesswoman, and colon cancer survivor.


" Prioritizing children's mental wellbeing is more important than ever. We have worked tirelessly to donate grief tools to the children in need"/ Learn about the Oklahoma project.



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Kali Mutty



Kali Mutty is a proud co-founder of Grief Heroes Foundation.  Kali is an experienced digital creator who has successfully created and managed brands in unique and challenging industries. 


"It feels purposeful for me to be a part of this project. Children nowadays are faced with unprecedented trauma and challenges due to the pandemic. I have worked with children in the past, and teaching them to address and work through their emotions at an early age will only benefit them as they mature. We are all living through turbulent and uncertain times, and many adults are learning that they never learned healthy coping mechanisms."


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Marcel Marcel



Marcel graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master of Law (LL.M. with Honors) from Golden Gate University School of Law. He joined the US Army and served four years in the infantry and is currently a member of the Alabama and District of Columbia bar associations. In 2017, Mr. Marcel started his own law firm specializing in immigration law. 


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Michael James Cronin

Treasurer, Director

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Dr. Ron Eaglin



Chair Engineering and Information Technology.

“If you excel at learning the rest will follow”

After the loss of his beloved wife and daughter, Ron's life journey is about living in the now, moving forward with courage, and inspiring others to do the same. 



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Julia Morin



Julia Morin is co-founder of Grief Heroes Foundation, and a childhood grief survivor, having lost her mother very suddenly and tragically at eight years old. She is fiercely passionate about ending the stigma around grief and loss - especially in childhood - as she continues to navigate the various manifestations of this significant childhood loss, and related trauma, in her adult life.

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