"In a school where trauma is abundant and teachers and counselors are doing everything they can to help, the hope these donations bring can't be overstated. This will impact hundreds of students and families in Oklahoma City and I am so excited to see the changes born of it."

- Emily Kloeppel, teacher at Windsor Hills Elementary School


While COVID-19 is traumatizing children across the globe who have lost loved ones, our team have worked tirelessly to prepare grief support to the children of Oklahoma City. 


In November 2020 Grief Heroes Foundation we were able to provide Grief Heroes Donations to 18 inner-city schools. In coordination with teachers and school counselors in Oklahoma City grieving students will now have accesses to a Grief Heroes Donation.


Oklahoma is the 9th poorest state, and has the #1 ACE score in the country. 

Grief Heroes Package.jpg

Each Grief Heroes Donation includes:


1 Super Dog Zam grief book

1 pack of colored pencils

1 drawstring backpack

1 informational flyer for adults

Florida, November 2020.

Founders of Grief Heroes Foundation

Andy and Susan Binau shipping donations to Oklahoma City.