Grief Heroes

Donation Program



Grief Heroes Donation Program provides Interactive grief Workbooks (Grief Heroes Donations) to schools and school districts that serve large proportions of poor students


They have historically been shortchanged when it comes to things like access to high-quality teachers, and school counselors – and with next to no budget to help their grieving students, these traumatized children have no one to turn too. Read more


In conjunction with school counselors and teachers, we provide age-appropriate and interactive grief workbooks for students to help them understand grief and give them a language to talk about difficult emotions.


We also provide education for parents/adults and for the school professionals.



The first school district to receive the Grief Heroes Donations was Putnam, Oklahoma City. Our team worked intently in 2019/20 to translate and print the grief books and distribute them to students at 18 inner-city elementary schools. Learn more...


The Children Of Oklahoma City


About The Grief Heroes Donations


Each Grief Heroes

Package includes:



1 Super Dog Zam Grief Book

1 pack of colored pencils

1 drawstring backpack

1 informational flyer for adults

Grief Heroes Package.jpg

How It Started

   With COVID-19 creating an influx of families in distress and knowing that there were next to no resources available for grieving children before the pandemic began, founder Susan Binau, Son Andy Binau and the team behind Grief Heroes Foundation decided to relaunch the children’s grief book series and translate them into three languages.

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