Students with Masks

COVID-19 Grief

Relief Project

A Helping Paw for Students Experiencing Trauma Related to COVID-19

Each Grief Heroes Donation includes:

- 1 Super Dog Zam grief book

- 1 pack of colored pencils

- 1 drawstring backpack

- 1 informational flyer for adults

We have to break the silence by educating the public about childhood grief, so when a child loses a person who means everything to them, his or her peers, family members, and trusted adults can offer support constructively and compassionately.

Susan Binau (Founder, Grief Heroes Foundation)

In coordination with teachers and school counselors in Oklahoma City, we were able to provide Grief Heroes Donations to 18 inner-city schools in order to best support students experiencing grief.  This project was funded entirely by Susan Binau and her close network of friends and family.  We have seen the incredible impact the donations have had, and we are eager to continue donating to children in need across the United States, but we need financial support.



To support grieving elementary school students who may feel isolated due to COVID-19, grief and/or distance learning by giving them effective intervention tools. 



We provide the student in need with self-paced grief workbooks that can help them learn:

- How to cope with loss

- To address difficult emotions​



2014 - 2020 

Development, publishing, testing of the family version of the "Zam" grief story & workbooks , which has been donated to families with grieving children ages 3 - 12.



Funding & selecting development team members

Oklahoma Pilot Project


Early 2021

Begin developing Online Program for adults and children

Develop PR strategy with Serbin Media


April 2021

Research and reach out to schools in areas with the highest ACE scores

Finish Online Program

May 2021

Printing books and gathering materials for donations, including access code for Online Program


May 2021

Donations are distributed to selected schools

Project launched in the media

June 2021

Request feedback, follow up with schools

Develop materials for in-school event


July 2021

Make improvements, evaluate success of program

Research next selection of schools to receive donations

End of 2021:

Depending on COVID-19 vaccination protocols, the Zam mascot and Grief Heroes team will begin visiting schools that receive donations for in-school educational events

our mission

"In a school where trauma is abundant and teachers and counselors are doing everything they can to help, the hope these donations bring can't be overstated. This will impact hundreds of students and families in Oklahoma City and I am so excited to see the changes born of it."

- Emily Kloeppel, teacher at Windsor Hills Elementary School


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