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Grief Program

Decades of studies show that grieving children feel lonely. 



How We Help

The Grief Heroes Kits includes:



  • Grief Book for children ages 3 to 12

  • Guidelines for parents/guardians

  • Education in "best practices" for professionals.

Since 2014 we have developed, tested, & donated age-appropriate grief workbooks and resources to children who have lost a loved one.

Our History.





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Grief Program

Grief Heroes Kit

A Self help Tool To Help Families With Grieving Children

We provide Grief Heroes Kits to Elementary Schools & Organizations.

The inexpensive Grief tHeroes Kit do not only support a grieving child in need; it helps fill a gap for professionals who has no tools available to support them.

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How To Get Started

Depending on the organization's needs, there are different methods to implement the program successfully.​


Step One

Professionals Education

We train professionals in "best practices" for using our tools and provide: 

  • A flexible online education.

  • One-to-one training sessions.

  • Access to our Grief Heroes Hotline. 

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Organization will have access to our online booking system to order the number of Grief Heroes Kits and materials needed.


We assemble and distribute the Grief Heroes Kits directly to the contact person in charge.

Step Two

Order & Distribution




Step Three



Certified professionals have access to Grief Heroes Hotline, where we are ready to assist with any additional questions during the implementation phase. 



Young Teacher


Contact us to see how we can make a difference together. 

Step Four


Children's grief Tools

Grief Heroes KIT 

The grief books is the heart of the grief program.

The books for children ages 3 to 12 was developed as a self-help tool for families with grieving children and facilitate meaningful conversations between children and caregivers. 

Each Grief Heroes Kit Includes:







  • One Age Appropriate Grief Workbook

  • Colored Pencils

  • One Back Pack

  • Information Flyer for Adults

Parents & Guardians Grief Tools

Grief impacts everyone in a family, and how parents or trusted adults react to grief will affect how the child responds.


Each book provide the adults with a step by step guideline.. 


Grief Tools