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Meet 16-year-old Andy Binau, Co-Author of the

Super Dog ZAM Grief Series 

How are kids coping with Covid-19

and school?. We spoke to one, and got some advice.


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If you think that parents are nervous about Back To School, imagine how the kids are feeling. You’re going back to school, or maybe trying to learn from home. You’re not allowed to hang out with your friends except with masks and at a distance, yet you’re still supposed to share rooms with them. Your teachers are masked. They’re measuring space between your desks. You're worried about a virus you could spread to your parents and grandparents. And you’re supposed to go on with your school year as best you can.  That’s...not easy.

GUEST: Andy Binau

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WIBC Radio Indianapolis 

Sep 28, 2020 

GUEST: Andy Binau


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