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"Until the day I take my final breath, I strive to pass on hope, courage, and compassion to others."

- Susan


How I Pay It Forward?

We All Have A Story,
Here Is Mine

In 2016 a few weeks before my first grandchild, Olivia was born, emergency surgery saved my life (again).

Minutes before the surgery, I had prayed to die. Despite a body in complete agony, my mind and soul were at peace. I was so ready to check out and content with the life I had lived. My body was shutting down as they rushed me to surgery. I was no longer awake when I heard a voice loud and clear saying. 

"it is not your timing; you have to empower the children, and you will come back to life after surgery."

Susan Recording_edited.jpg

We All Have A Story,
Here Is Mine


My mission is to continue to find ways to bridge the gap that currently exists for the 1 in 5 children who will experience the death of someone close to them by the age of 18. 





These resources are designed to help children understand and express their grief in ways that are part of a healthy process and to help adults communicate with them in the most supportive way. 



Life is short, live it fearlessly




I will continue to enjoy one day at a time and throw curveball right back at life when they happen.



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