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Our History

The creator of the Grief Heroes Programs, Susan Binau, was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer a few days after her youngest son Andy's second birthday. 



Susan was fortunate. She is a survivor. Yet, the day came when her friend Hanna passed away, and Susan became the sole survivor of six friends who lost their battles to cancer. The lack of resources for families with grieving children was appalling.


Susan embarked on a life-long mission to help families with children cope with life-threatening illness and grief.

Mother & Son On A Mission 
To Help Grieving Children

The journey of Susan working with her son Andy started when he was nine years old. Susan: "Andy handed me a stack of papers saying, Mom, I wrote a book. Will you read it?. As I read the story, I asked him, did Dad help you write this?. No, Mom, I did it myself. The day after Noah died, I went to my room and started to write".


Mother & Son On A Mission

The Loss Of A Friend

Andy sadly lost a friend to brain cancer and wanted to comfort the grieving sister with an uplifting story. Proud of her son, Susan helped him turn it into a book that he could gift the grieving sister.

Andy was proud the day he could bring the book to school and give it to the sister, and his teacher encouraged him to read it for his peers.

The response was heartwarming. Children could relate to the main character in the book, Zam, a three-legged super pup who lost his mom and went on a mission to empower children. The teachers were happy to have a donation to give to their grieving students. 


Book Donations

Susan decided to donate three thousand books to local families, Nonprofit Organizations, and Schools. She went on a book tour to Denmark and Spain with her son Andy in 2014 and donated the Danish version of the book to local Hospitals. 


Mother and Son on donation and PR tour to Denmark and Spain in 2014.

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Mother & Son continue to work together

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Florida 2015. Susan and Andy with the first versions of the Grief Books

The Story Behind The
Super Dog Zam Grief Series

Susan: "I co-facilitated a grief group for children, and we didn't have any grief tools but had to improvise. The director of the programs told me that she couldn't find any age-appropriate grief workbooks online. The same night I began to develop the grief tools we needed. I utilized Andy's super pup Zam and created a combined story and workbook for three age groups.

The grief series was published in 2015.

Wings Of Love

In July 2015, Zam, the mascot, arrived from Holland to attend the local fundraiser "Wings of Love." It was also the day that we celebrated the Super Dog Zam Grief Series launch. 
Susan and Andy continued to donate grief books to local families, churches, schools, and organizations in the following years and spoke on grief topics together.

Susans Bio

About The Super Dog Zam Grief Series


The combined story/workbook helps children understand grief and give them life skills to cope healthily with loss.

The books are translated to English, Spanish and Italian and come in three different age groups 3-5, 6-9, 10-12.

The books are available for purchase on Amazon, and families can read or download them for free on our website. Learn about the books

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The Super Dog


Wings Of Love Fundraiser in 2015.
Andy, along with his classmates from Montessori School of Celebration, was performing. 


In 2019 Susan and Andy founded the Grief Heroes Foundation with their partners. Andy: "When my mom asked for my help, I was all in," Andy says, "I'm lucky to have parents who both survived cancer, so I want to give back to the less fortunate children."  At fifteen years old, Andy Binau spearheaded the foundation's first donation project.



While COVID-19 is traumatizing children across the globe who have lost loved ones, Susan Binau, Andy Binau, and Kali Mutty worked tirelessly to prepare grief support for the children of Oklahoma City.


Learn about the pilot project.




Grief Relief To The Children Of Oklahoma City

"I reached out to the communities I'm involved in to share our mission and see how we could help. Teenagers, teachers, and school counselors started to respond. We listened to their need for grief resources and put together a "Grief Heroes Donation."

                                                                              Andy Binau




2020. TV Interview: Andy Binau became a grief expert and spokesperson in the media. 



Florida November 2020,

Andy and Susan Binau shipped

Grief Heroes Packages to 18 elementary schools."

Learn about the Pilot Project

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Thank You. 

The books and self-help tools I have invented were a team effort. Together we have supported 25.000 families globally, and we continue our journey. 
Below you can meet some of the key people and by visiting our:

Executive Advisory Board & Team Pages.

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Susan Binau with sister's Carol & Maria Alegria. 

Carol lost her fight against cancer and left a baby boy and two teenage children behind. Her sister Maria continues to be an Advocate for survivors. 


"Every day, I think of the mothers who didn't make it;

and I can never give up my mission to support

their surviving children and teenagers" 


                                                                                   Susan Binau