Grief Heroes is a nationwide grief program provided by the Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Foundation a 501-c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Florida.


Our Grief relief programs are developed to improve the lives and mental wellbeing of grieving children & teenagers.

The age-appropriate grief workbooks help our young ones understand and cope with grief. The combined story and workbook gently guide the children and teenagers through the labyrinth of confusion and difficult emotions.

They learn that they are not alone and that every feeling is ok. 

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By using our Grief books, adults and families of grieving children have an opportunity to take responsibility and action towards healing, rather than becoming frustrated by the lack of information and support so often encountered by families facing grief.


Children's Books

Teenage Book

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Schools & Organizations

We specialize in age-appropriate self-help grief workbooks for children and teenagers. We also provide education for parents/adults and professionals.

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Childhood Bereavement In The USA

1 in 5 children will experience the death of someone close to them by age 18. One out of every 20 children aged fifteen and younger will suffer the loss of one or both parents.

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Interview With 15 year old Andy Binau

Author & Grief Heroes Ambassador

About A Boy And A Super Dog

Since 2009, Founder, mother of four, and cancer survivor Susan Binau has developed and donated grief resources to schools and other organizations in multiple countries.



In 2013, her nine-year-old son Andy handed her a stack of papers and said, "Mom, I wrote a book, will you read it? 

Sadly, Andy had lost a friend to cancer and secretly wrote an uplifting book to comfort his friend's grieving sister.

Astonished and proud, Susan helped him turn it into a real book, and since the day it was published, mother and son have joined forces to help grieving children and teenagers.

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Denmark 2013.

Mother and son donating Andy's book to Hospitalized Children.  


Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Foundation

While these initial outreach projects have mainly been self-financed, Susan founded the Grief Heroes Foundation in 2019 with her15-year-old son Andy and partners. 


In 2021 Grief Heroes Foundation joined forces with Tom Kidd, the Founder of the Joan L. Kidd. MD Fight for Life Continuum. We continue our mission under Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Foundation. 


The mission of our Grief Programs is to help close the gap of loneliness so often encountered by grieving children and teenagers. 

We aim to donate grief relief to children and teenagers in need by collaborating with schools and organizations nationwide.

ZAM Transparent

Florida 2020. 

Andy Binau packing Grief Heroes Donations to 18 Elementary Schools In Oklahoma City. Learn more.


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