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  • Susan Binau

In the works: The Super Dog Zam Grief Healing Series

The biggest challenge when it comes to children in grief is not the grief itself, but the fact that their surroundings during times of grief often demand silence. Why? Unfortunately, death and grief are unspoken topics for many, and one of our culture's biggest taboos. The Super Dog Zam books were written with motivation from children, teachers, and psychologists. The Zam books use a story and activity format to guide children as they cope with the illness, dying, or death of a loved one.

The resources were originally published 5 years ago, but I am currently working with a global team in order to modernize and revamp this series in several languages. It is especially relevant at a time like this when the entire world is facing the unthinkable crisis of COVID-19. I have plans to donate these resources to schools and hospitals around the world. Please check back for more updates, and stay safe!

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