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We are currently planning to put together a professional team of elementary school teachers, children's psychologists, therapists, and school counselors to develop the Super Dog Zam grief books into a self-paced and age-appropriate grief healing school program.  The Zam Grief Program is for elementary school students who have experienced the loss of a loved one.


Zam Pilot Project for Elementary Schools

A Helping Paw for Grieving Students

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Mark Nolan

7 in 10 teachers (69%) currently have at least one student in their class(es) who has lost a parent, guardian, sibling, or close friend in the past year.

In contrast, teacher preparation to support grieving students is uncommon. In a recent survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers and the New York Life Foundation, 93 percent of teachers reported that they never received any training on how to support grieving students. 



Parts from an article are republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Schools Fall Short When It Comes To Helping Grieving Students: Read article 


Supporting grieving elementary school students by 

 giving them effective intervention tools. 



Zam School Project is a grief program that focuses on mental wellness for grieving students. We provide the students self-paced grief workbooks that can help them learn:

- How to cope with loss

- To address difficult emotions

The books will give teachers, counselors, and administrators materials to provide their students in need with an effective tool for support.

our mission



2014 - 2020 

Development, publishing, testing of the family version of the "Zam" grief story & workbooks , which has been donated to families with grieving children ages 3 - 12.



Funding & selecting development team members



January 2021

"Introduction Workshop for development members"

Project begins


April 2021

Graphics team updating books and website.

Develop PR strategy ​


May 2021

Printing books and materials 


May 2021

Train the professionals: online workshop.

Introducing the concept to involved professionals.

Books are distributed to selected schools.

June 2021

Launching the project in the media.


July 2021

Core team attending National Conventions.

Oct 2021:

Follow up workshop with development team & evaluation.


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