About Susan Binau


My name is Susan Binau, I embarked on the journey to help to grieve children the day my friend Hanna died.  .


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Grief Heroes Foundation was founded in 2019 in collaboration with my partners and 15-year-old son Andy, who also spearheaded our first donation project dedicated to inner-city Oklahoma City schools in 2020.

My Story


Andy (picture) was only two years old when I was diagnoed with cancer. I am beyond grateful to be alive and be able to watch my kids and grandkids grow up.



Grieving children typically feel alone and, at times, misunderstood. They don’t have the maturity to begin processing their grief in the way an adult does. The reality is that adults also struggle! How can we expect children to understand their feelings without some help?


My hope is that the Grief Heroes Foundation will continue to find ways to bridge the gap that currently exists.



Please embark on our mission and help us to help the children. Learn more.

With grattitude

Susan Binau

Susan Binau

Founder, Mother

& Cancer Survivor On A Mission.