Remember a Loved One Through a

Tribute Donation Campaign.



We create donation programs in honor of loved ones who have passed away.


We can personalize our grief tools or develop a customized donation gift to match the person's spirit. 


Donations dedicated in your loved one’s name will be delivered to a School, Hospital, Hospice of your choice. Some families prefer to be actively involved. Others prefer to outsource the loving gesture to us. 


The sky is the limit for our team and collaborating partners.


For more information, please reach out to Teresa Conroy, Director of Community Outreach.



Phone: +1 (407) 460 - 9794

Memorial Pages

In The  Loving memory Of Carol

My sister's fight is my fight.

Ambassador Maria Alegria will donate Grief Tools to the Hospital that cared for her sister Carol during her final stages of life. Carol (36) lost her battle to ovarian cancer and left 3 minor children behind.

Maria continues to bring hope to fighters and grieving children.

Carol, Susan and Maria.jpg


Image: Carol (left) Susan Binau, Maria Alegria (right)