Grief Relief to The Children

Of Oklahoma City

Pilot Project
Elementary Schools 


When COVID-19 cast its shadow over the United States, we shipped Grief Heroes Kits to 18 inner-city schools in Oklahoma City. In coordination with teachers and school counselors the books were distributed to students in need. 

The donations have helped children begin to understand their grief and confusion by offering them a context and language to process their difficult emotions.


Emily Kloeppel, a teacher at Windsor Hills Elementary School, Oklahoma City, expressed it so beautifully:


Two Friends with a Tablet

Oklahoma is the 9th poorest state and has the #1 ACE score in the country. The school professionals have next to no budget to help their grieving students.



"In a school where trauma is abundant, and teachers and counselors are doing everything they can to help, the hope these Grief Heroes donations bring can't be overstated. These donations are helping hundreds of students and families in Oklahoma City."

Emily Kloeppel is a part of our Executive Advisory Board.



Emily Kloeppel, along with other passionate collages, have worked tirelessly to distribute the Grief Heroes Donations to the teachers & school counselors from their school district. 





The response from families are overwhelming and we are starting to see results of our effort.

These self-help tools are not only helping the children but also parents and in some cases grandparents.




Feed Back From Families

Future Goals



We believe that grief education can help close the gap of loneliness, not only for children who have lost a loved one but for any child who experiences adversity.


Our vision 

is to donate Grief Heroes Kits to Elementary Students nationwide and eventually have The Grief Heroes Peers Program on the curriculum. 


We want to collaborate with organizations that invest in children's mental wellbeing. If we collectively teach children life skills that can help them cope with adversity, we can close the gap of loneliness together. 





Partner Ships





Educating grieving children gives them a chance to grow into healthy adults and prevent unresolved grief from sabotaging happiness and healing.



Our inexpensive grief books are easy to tailor to different school counties’ programs and curricula. 


Partnering with us has many benefits. 

For Organizations, Hospitals & Hospices that want to impact grieving children, the Grief Heroes Kit is an inexpensive tool to implement. 

White Label

For our collaborating partners, we offer a grief concept that includes: A complete website that is easy to add to your main website. Your company logo in all Grief books & Materials


Please get in touch with us to see how we can make a

difference together.

Susan Binau

Author, Creator of Grief Heroes, 



Joan L. Kidd MD Fight For Life Foundation