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My name is Susan Binau, Founder of Grief Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in the State of Florida. I’m writing to introduce myself and share the background for why I have committed my life to support grieving children.


Since 2013, I have developed grief resources and have donated them to schools and other organizations in multiple states.


Grieving children typically feel alone and, at times, misunderstood. They don’t have the maturity to begin processing their grief in the way an adult does. The reality is that adults also struggle! How can we expect children to understand their feelings without some help?


My hope is that the Grief Heroes Foundation will continue to find ways to bridge the gap that currently exists.



While our initial outreach has been largely self-financed along with local donations, the scope of the impact we hope to achieve needs the backing of major donors.




I was fortunate. I am a survivor. Yet, the day came when my friend Hanna (a mother of five) passed away. I became the sole survivor of six friends who lost their battles to cancer.



A few days after my son's second birthday, I was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer.


Susan Binau

Founder, Mother

& Cancer Survivor On A Mission.

How It All Started

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