Grief Book For Teenagers

I CAN offers a road map for teenagers who have lost a loved one. The author's purpose is to let teenagers know that they are not alone in their enigmatic emotions. Dealing with grief at a young age can be a long, lonely path. Though not linear, it is manageable. 

The book can be used individually or in a group setting and will be available in the Summer of 2022. 

Grief is just a whole lot of love with no place to go.

— Isabella Escobedo

Co - Author 

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Meet The Authors


Isabella Escobedo with her mother Eunice

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Andy Binau

Susan Binau

Published Authors Susan and Andy Binau joined forces with Isabella Escobedo (17), who lost her beloved mother to breast cancer in May of 2019. 


Isabella's Story


My mom was my light in all the darkness, she inspired me and became my hero. I have never felt so lost in my life. It felt as if a piece of me died along with her. My mom inspired me and became my hero. Her legacy and love live on through my brothers, my dad, myself, and even my dog.  


Why she had to die? I don't know, and I'll probably never have an answer, but I know that she would want for my brothers and me to make the best out of life. 


I guess you could say I’ve learned that grief is actually love. It’s the love you want to give to someone but can’t anymore. The more love you have for them the more you grieve. All the love you couldn’t share with them pools up around the corners of your eyes and in that part in your chest leading to the empty hollow feeling that’s slowly becoming your best friend. All that unspent love is heartbreaking.



"The pain inside me has eased a bit, and I'm able to see my mom smile in the mirror. I hear her words through my dad, and I see her teachings in my brothers. Her love lives within the countless people she touched with her compassion and courage". 

                                                                                     Isabella Escobedo




You’re a soccer goalie. A striker in front of you, dribbling closer and closes to your goal. Sweat drips down your face. You think you know where the striker is going to aim the ball. You prepare yourself to deflect it by any means necessary. As you launch yourself left, the ball goes right. Splayed out in the freshly cut grass, you’re at a loss for words, wondering if you can come back from an unexpected goal, by your opponent. Though you can never get back that loss, the fate of the game is not sealed. Small changes can help steer you towards a new beginning. 





A Sneak Peak