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Susan is a cancer survivor, a mother of four, and was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a few days after her son's second birthday.


Navigating through Cancer Land was a scary and lonely journey, and the lack of resources for families in her situation was shocking. 


Finding herself as the sole survivor of six friends two years later, Susan made a promise to develop resources to help families cope with the end of life and grief. The resources that she and her friends could have used.

As a devoted educator, Inventor, and philanthropist, Susan's life mission is to support grieving children and teenagers by empowering them with self-help tools.


Encouraged by her own four children and supported by countless volunteers, inventions like the AngelKIT Package, The Caring Soul Series & Super Dog Zam Grief Healing Books have reached thousands of children and families globally. 


Her journey continues through Grief Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in Florida, USA, in 2019. 


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Mother and son on a mission to help grieving children.
Susan and Andy Binau are co-authors of the Super Dog Zam Grief Series and co-founders of the Grief Heroes Foundation.

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