Become a Hero for a Grieving Child in Oklahoma City

Donate to our GoFundMe campaign to support a grieving child in Putnam City School District, Oklahoma!

1 in 20 children will lose one or both parents before the age of 15. Trauma rates in Oklahoma are the highest in the country, so the number of bereaved children is greater than the national average.

Currently there is inadequate help for affected children. This campaign will provide thousands of children with the resources they need to grieve in a healthy way.

25$ will cover one "Grief Hero Package"

One "Grief Hero Package" includes:

  • Grief Healing Book of Appropriate Age

  • Grief Heroes Drawstring Bag

  • Colored Pencils

  • Parent/Adult Help Brochure

Donate to our GoFundMe:

Thank you in advance!

-Grief Heroes Team

Written by Andy Binau (Social Media Strategist & Community Outreach)

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