Susan Binau 

 Born in Copenhagen, Denmark

 Currently Resides in Celebration, Florida, USA

 Mother of 4: Christina, Malene, Christian, & Andy



Addressing the difficult topics of illness, death, and grief in her books was a way to create awareness of harmful cultural taboos.  Sharing her own experiences and the experiences of her family opened much-needed community and international dialog on this topic, ultimately leading to speaking engagements throughout Denmark and beyond.


Through these engagements, Binau speaks to organizations, HR departments and healthcare professionals to provide motivation, inspiration, and guidance.

Susans website 

An experienced speaker, Susan has traveled internationally to share her story. She is the author of the Soul Caring Series, a collection of self-help books that empower patients and loved ones. She believes in the power of sharing stories, and her mission is to spread hope and knowledge by sharing the stories of real people. 

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